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Joel (voiced by David Hornsby) and Gary (voiced by Justin Long) on 'Unsupervised.'


TV Network - FX

This series has aimed to look at what teenage life would be like without parental supervision.  Quite clearly they don't always attempt to work through every possibility in a terribly serious way, but we think that the underlying message is one we can accept -- teenagers, no matter what they think, need parents.  At least, that's what we get as the message, but perhaps, as parents, we're relatively biased.  Some may say that the very survival of the main characters means that parents are unnecessary.  We don't want to call those people wrong, but we do have a good mind to call their mothers and let them know what their kids are up to. 

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    Dec 09, 2012

    Gary and Joel find themselves becoming infused with school spirit when a group of kids from the nearby prep school begin to infiltrate their prized food mart, which leads to a grand battle between the students of the two schools.