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Top Chef

Mar 07, 2012 09:00 PM

TV Network - Bravo

Now that it's all over but for the crying, let us take an hour and look back on the season.  Let us hear what happened that we didn't see.  Let us get the answer to the all-important question 'What in god's name were they thinking when they...'  You know that if you've been watching the season on a weekly basis that you have those sorts of questions and this episode exists, at least in part, so that we get some answers.  We aren't going to say that every answer you want is going to be given tonight, but we ought to get some of them.

Past Events

  • Hugh-acheson-padma-lakshmi-tom-colicchio-emeril-lagasse-gail-simmons-of-top-chef-new-orleans_event_main

    Top Chef: New Orleans

    Oct 02, 2013

    TV Network - Bravo

    We like to believe that we are in fact the top chef this season on "Top Chef."  We also believe that we're an astronaut, Eli Manning, and quite possibly Iron Man.  It is possible that we're not entirely in the right.  What we absolutely are convinced of however--and are in the right on--is the fact that the 11th season of "Top Chef" begins tonight.  The series is going to New Orleans and you can be certain that there is going to be some absolutely delicious dishes at play.

  • Curtis-stone-last-season-on-top-chef-masters_event_main

    Top Chef Masters

    Jul 24, 2013

    TV Network - Bravo

    We don't quite understand how it will work, but there is an online component to this year's "Top Chef Masters."  It deals with the sous chefs for the masters competing (online) and having that competition directly affect what happens with the masters themselves.  We can't say that we quite understand how it all works, but we are sure that once we start watching it will all become clear.  That, and Curtis Stone will be present, as host, to explain it if we still don't quite get it.  The judges this time out include Francis Lam, James Oseland, Lesley Suter, and Ruth Reichl.

  • Hugh-acheson-padma-lakshmi-tom-colicchio-and-gail-simmons-of-top-chef-seattle_event_main

    Top Chef: Seattle

    Nov 07, 2012

    TV Network - Bravo

    We have decidedly mixed feelings about "Top Chef" returning tonight.  On the one hand, it's completely wonderful that this series is going to be on with new episodes -- the chefs are truly impressive and the judges wonderful.  We are constantly amazed by what is produced on the series.  On the other hand, we eat when we watch the show; we simply cannot get through a quickfire challenge without popping something scrumptious into our face... and forget about what happens when they get to the main event.  "Top Chef" is great for our eyes and not so good on our waistline.

  • Fabio-viviani-jennifer-carroll-richard-blais-and-spike-mendelsohn-of-life-after-top-chef_event_main

    Life After Top Chef

    Oct 03, 2012

    TV Network - Bravo

    Fabio Viviani, Jen Carroll, Richard Blais, and Spike Mendelsohn all have a couple of things in common.  First, they're all chefs.  Next, they've all been on "Top Chef."  Third, they're now all on "Life after Top Chef."  What has happened to these chefs since they've been on "Top Chef?"  What are they doing now?  Where are they working?  This new series is going to answer that question and oh so many more.  Just what more questions we couldn't say, but we are sure that the show will raise them and then attempt to answer them.

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