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The Winner Is

Jul 11, 2013 08:00 PM

TV Network - NBC

Okay, we'll explain this to you but don't blame us when you don't understand all of it or don't like it or find it foolish.  Last month, NBC was going to air a one-time special sneak peek of "The Winner is."  Quite specifically, they were going to air the first episode.  They changed their mind and, if our information is correct, aired the sixth.  They also added a second sneak peek during which they aired the third episode.  Now though, tonight, the series is actually going to start airing for real.  We don't know what episodes are going to air though, but we think that the first episode that airs tonight is going to be a repeat of one of last month's sneaks.  The new episode, we are told, will air at 9.  Get your song on with Nick Lachey in this competition series, no matter what episode may be airing.