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The Next: Fame is at Your Doorstep

Gloria Estefan and Nelly on 'The Next: Fame is at Your Doorstep'

The Next: Fame is at Your Doorstep

Oct 04, 2012 08:00 PM

TV Network - The CW

It may feel awfully early for a television show on a network to be ending its season, but "Oh Sit!" finished last night and now "The Next" (or, if you prefer, "The Next:  Fame is at Your Doorstep," and we do prefer that) is finishing its season with back-to-back episodes.  We figure that means that there is going to be a winner tonight and, if you watch, we figure that the winner will be you.  That's right, you -- you'll have gotten in on the ground floor with some potentially truly impressive musical talent.  You can tell all your friends that you saw them way back when.