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    The New Normal

    Apr 02, 2013

    TV Network - NBC

    NBC is doing back-to-back episodes to mark the end of several of their series' seasons.  Included amongst the series doing back-to-back episodes is "The New Normal."  Normally we would make a joke about how back-to-back episodes seem to mark the new normal, but it isn't a particularly amusing joke and for some reason that is actually going to stop us from making it.  Instead, let us just remind you that the Justin Bartha starring series is ending its season tonight and that if you like the show at all you should probably tune in.

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    The New Normal

    Jan 08, 2013

    When Bryan and David discuss their future and how big they want their family to be, Gary reveals he wants a family of his own but can't seem to find the right guy; Bryan and David set Gary up with Bryan's ex-boyfriend; Shania deals with mean girls.