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The Mob Doctor

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    The Mob Doctor

    Jan 07, 2013

    Grace's world falls apart as the FBI closes in and Constantine reveals something that shakes her; Al Trapani becomes more involved with Constantine's business; the duality of Grace's life cuts deeper than ever and she attempts to settle her roles.

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    The Mob Doctor

    Jan 05, 2013

    TV Network - FOX

    To use the parlance, "The Mob Doctor" has been offed.  The series and Luca Brasi have a lot in common (you remember that Sicilian message?).  But, like a character on a totally different kind of show, it keeps on living despite its status as dead.  FOX is still airing new episodes of "The Mob Doctor" and will do so until there are no new episodes left to air.  Don't let a good show go to waste.  Don't let poor Grace Devlin's struggles be for naught.  Don't make Jordana Spiro feel as though she made a bad choice.  Tune in tonight for another new episode of "The Mob Doctor."