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Dr. Grace Devlin (Jordana Spiro, TV's "My Boys") is a promising young surgeon working in Chicago's most pre-eminent hospital. Still, she can't escape her Southside roots. With her kid brother facing a mobster's wrath, Grace makes a deal and agrees to work "off book" for the infamous Chicago Outfit.

As Grace's "day job" forces her to take on emotionally compelling cases - a convict determined to donate his heart to his estranged daughter, a whole family injured in a horrific hit-and-run - she is also forced to deal with mob-related tasks, doing emergency medical procedures in back rooms, treating mobsters hiding from the law and even working on a stolen thoroughbred only hours before he's due to race.

Through it all, Grace fights to keep her dual life a secret...except from the one man who knows Grace best - Southside mob boss Constantine Alexander (William Forsythe, TV's "Boardwalk Empire"), whose relationship with Grace is more than it seems.


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Released - Tuesday, March 12 , 2013