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The Life & Times of Tim

<p>Tim on 'The Life &amp; Times of Tim.'</p>

The Life & Times of Tim

Feb 17, 2012 09:00 PM

TV Network - HBO

We don't know exactly when cartoons went from being mostly kid-oriented to more adult-oriented but we're happy that they did (and yes, we recognize that at one point in time the pendulum may have been at this side before swinging to the other).  "The Life & Times of Tim" is both animated and in no way appropriate for children.  Probably that's why HBO airs it at 9:00pm.  Probably that's also why it's on HBO and not Disney Jr.  So, don't be fooled by it's animated nature, this is an adult-oriented animated series and you should totally tune in tonight for the season finale so you can find out what you've been missing.