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The Layover

Anthony Bourdain on 'The Layover'

We love the idealistic notion of this series, but we kind of question the reality behind it.  The show is all about telling us how to spend layover time in a famous city.  The weird thing about it is that our host, Anthony Bourdain, leaves the airport to show us the sights.  Now, in this day of more-still-gets-you-less air travel, does anyone actually leave the airport for a layover?  Sure, it would be nice to see the Sears Tower (or whatever it's called now), but odds are the airline will give up your seat and not issue a refund if you leave security, and even the hope that they won't is predicated on the belief that your first flight won't arrive 12 hours late and thereby cause you to not only miss the layover but your next flight as well.


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