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The AMC murder mystery series "The Killing."

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  • The-killing-season-finale_photo_module

    Season finale review: 'The Killing'

    A quick, belated review of "The Killing" season finale coming up just as soon as you interrupt my family bowling night ...

    Posted on Wednesday, Aug 7, 2013

  • The-killing-six-minutes-peter-sarsgaard_photo_module

    Review: 'The Killing' - 'Six Minutes'

    A review of tonight's "The Killing" coming up just as soon as I explain that Salisbury steak is not steak ...

    Posted on Sunday, Jul 28, 2013

  • The-killing-reckoning_photo_module

    Review: 'The Killing' - 'Reckoning'

    I'm taking a few days off to recuperate between Comic-Con and press tour, but I wanted to acknowledge what was a pretty special episode of "The Killing&qu ...

    Posted on Monday, Jul 22, 2013


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