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The Jenny McCarthy Show

Jenny McCarthy and Nelly on 'The Jenny McCarthy Show'

The Jenny McCarthy Show

May 24, 2013 10:30 PM

TV Network - VH1

Appearing tonight on "The Jenny McCarthy Show" is the one and only Jenny McCarthy.  But, no, the celebrity goodness doesn't stop there, also appearing tonight is Nelly and that ought to be fun (do you see the picture we chose, it's from this episode).  We aren't sure exactly what will take place during tonight's season finale with Nelly--we did mention Nelly is going to be on, right--but we know that it will be zany.  Yes, zany.  Well, it will attempt to be zany anyway, and we think that we can all respect attempts at zaniness. 

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    The Jenny McCarthy Show

    Feb 09, 2013

    From pop culture news to celebrity headlines and more, comedic actress and former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy covers trending stories with Hollywood stars and her closest girl friends at her high-rise penthouse apartment.