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The Good Guys

<p>Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks star in 'The Good Guys.'</p>

What we have here is a buddy cop show, one with the tough grizzled older detective and the younger fancy-pants one.  Here the older cop is played by Bradley Whitford whom you may know as "no, no, they other guy from 'The West Wing,'" and the younger by Colin Hanks, or, if you prefer "yup, the Oscar winner's kid."  Of course, that really doesn't do either actor justice and we'd encourage you to think about their body of work as a whole and not just focus on genetics or a single role... except if it's their cop role in this show.  We've been promised action and comedy here so prepare for an adrenaline-laced, joke-filled, detecting adventure (we hope it'll be "Sam & Max" style).


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