Must Watch

The Event

<p>Laura Innes, Ian Anthony Dale, Jason Ritter, Bill Smitrovich, Blair Underwood, Lisa Vidal, and Zeljko Ivanek of 'The Event.'</p>

We could tell you what the event in "The Event" is, but by doing so it would lessen the event we imagine you'll be having at your home as you uncover the event from "The Event."  In the event that we ruined your event of watching the event on "The Event" we'd be rather displeased with ourselves and that is certainly not an event(uality) we're prepared to deal with at this juncture.  We therefore humbly suggest that you plan your event for the event on "The Event" and watch the conspiracy thriller with the odd twists, turns, and that all important OMG moment without asking us to ruin it for you.


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