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The Burn with Jeff Ross

Jeff Ross of 'The Burn with Jeff Ross'

The Burn with Jeff Ross

Feb 12, 2013 10:30 PM

TV Network - Comedy Central

This series features Jeff Ross and several guests making fun of various bits of weekly pop culture events.  They also go out onto the street and make fun of 'public enemies,' folks like drunks and hipsters.  Now, you may think that hipsters are an easy target, but perhaps that's where this show will surprise you, perhaps you'll see hipsters made fun of in totally new and different and insanely clever ways.  Maybe you can then try out the jokes when you go out next time.  We can't tell you what exactly is going to happen tonight on "The Burn," but we can tell you that there will be jokes and there will be moments to laugh.

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    The Burn with Jeff Ross

    Jan 09, 2013

    Comic Jeff Ross and guest panelists comics Anthony Jeselnik and Lisa Lampanelli come together to tear apart the pop culture events of the week in the studio and venture into the wider world to ridicule people on the streets and celebrities.