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Storage Wars: NY

A moment from the original 'Storage Wars'

Space in New York is at a premium... an incredible premium.  Consequently, people put things in storage.  Okay, that may not seem like a direct outgrowth, but trust us, it happens.  Not every time you put something in storage, however, can you pay to keep it there.  So, the stuff gets auctioned off.  We don't imagine you'll find some Wall St. broker's stacks of cash, but you just may find a suit that went out of style 18 months ago and how can anyone ever wear a $5,000 suit that's six seasons old?  Either that or the buyers will find a lot of garbage and a few collectibles.  Tune in and see what happens.


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  • A-moment-from-the-original-storage-wars_article_story_main

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