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Stephen King's Bag of Bones

<p>Pierce Brosnan and Melissa George in 'Stephen King's Bag of Bones.'</p>
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Stephen King's Bag of Bones

Dec 12, 2011 09:00 PM

TV Network - A&E

Rather than doing one of those one-episode-this-week-one-episode-next-week things, A&E isn't going to make us wait to find out what happens on "Bag of Bones" (of course, you could have read the book which would mean that you already know).  The first part of the miniseries aired last night and the conclusion is this very evening.  That means that we really didn't even have to wait a full day for the conclusion, but rather a mere 22 hours.  Okay, after a cliffhanger ending that could still seem like a whole lot, but when you think that it could have been seven days (or six days and 22 hours), a mere 22 hours isn't a whole lot.