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Stars in Danger: The High Dive

Stephen "Twitch" Boss, Bethany Hamilton, JWoww, David Chokachi, Alexandra Paul, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards, Antonio Sabato Jr. and Terrell Owens of 'Stars in Danger: The High Dive'

Have you ever heard anyone (like a celebrity) wonder aloud what they possibly have to give for you like them; do you, as a fan, require blood?  Clearly the answer has come back as a resounding 'yes.'  Enter FOX and a new special called "Stars in Danger: The High Dive."  Oh yes, tonight on this special, stars will be in danger, they will be doing the high dive.  Might you finally get that blood that you so desperately desire?  Yes, yes you might.  We hope not though -- we want the tantalizing part of the danger but not the actual harm.


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