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SNL Presents: A Very Gilly Christmas

<p>Kristen Wiig of 'SNL&nbsp;Presents: &nbsp;A Very Gilly Christmas.'</p>

Perhaps you remember the character Gilly.  Gilly isn't exactly a classic classic "SNL" character, much more of a neo-classic one.  Well, as we recall, it was last year when we first got "A Very Gilly Christmas" and it will be this year when we will second get it.  That doesn't quite make sense, does it?  Eh, it's okay, not everything that takes place on "SNL" makes sense any way on a regular basis.  That, we think, is part of the show's charm.  And, we further believe, part of our charm as well.  We don't want to say that "SNL" got the idea from us, but... it's time to celebrate the holidays with some classic "SNL" sketches (neo- and classic-classic).


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