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Shaq Vs

<p>Shaquille O'Neal, seen here on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' stars on 'Shaq VS.'</p>

Shaq VS

Aug 03, 2010 09:00 PM

TV Network - ABC

We distinctly remember sitting there in New Jersey when this young fellow playing for the Orlando Magic pulled down a backboard.  It was pretty impressive to see... unfortunately, it was also completely unnecessary and delayed the game by about 45 minutes.  Still, it was Shaq's second backboard, and kind of proved to us that he could do anything.  This series, which features Shaq going up against folks who are pros in other areas, only reinforces that belief.  And, it's not just sports for season two, there's going to be a spelling bee amongst other things.

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    Shaq VS

    Aug 31, 2010

    TV Network - ABC

    As you are well aware, this show is entitled "Shaq VS."  As you are also no doubt aware, every episode of "Chuck" is titled 'Chuck vs. [something relevant to the episode].'  Consequently whenever we hear "Shaq VS" we think that maybe, just maybe Shaq is going to be going up against The Ring or a first kiss or a taco or The Ring again.  It kind of makes us hope for a crossover between the two series.  Yes, we understand that such a thing is unlikely given the very different nature of the series as well as the fact that they're on opposing networks, but maybe, if we hold our breaths long enough, that's exactly what we'll get tonight.

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