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<p>Amanda Tapping of 'Sanctuary'</p>

Syfy's trailblazing green screen-heavy supernatural drama "Sanctuary" returns for its second season.

We'll let Syfy remind you of the details:

""Sanctuary" follows the adventures of the beautiful, enigmatic and always surprising Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping), a brilliant scientist who holds the secrets of a clandestine population — a group of strange and sometimes terrifying beings that hide among humans. Along with forensic psychiatrist Dr. Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne) and her fearless daughter Ashley (Emilie Ullerup), Magnus seeks to protect these threatened phenomena as well as unlock the mysteries behind their existence. 

Joining the cast in season 2 is Agam Darshi as Kate Freelander, a con artist and thief who finds herself in an uneasy alliance with Dr. Magnus. "Sanctuary" also stars Ryan Robbins as tech wiz Henry and Christopher Heyerdahl as the sinister John Druitt."


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