Presidential Inauguration

President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden

We can't tell you much about different designations of 'official' inaugurations vs. 'ceremonial' inaugurations, what we can tell you is that the Presidential Inauguration Committee tells us that today is Inauguration Day and that is the sort of information we pass along to you (FYI, this is the ceremonial event, officially he was sworn in yesterday).  We are making absolutely no judgments here vis-a-vis the President and his second term ambitions, we are noting that the inauguration is today and that love President Obama or hate him, today is important.

Venue Information

  • U.S. Capitol
  • E. Capitol St. & 1st St. NW
  • Washington dc 20510

More Details

Released - Monday, January 21 , 2013 at 10:30 AM Local Time
Official Website
TV Network - Various