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Pit Bulls & Parolees

<p>Tania Torres of 'Pit Bulls &amp; Parolees.'</p>

Not all pit bulls are bad.  Not all ex-convicts are bad.  It isn't always bad to bring two not bad things together.  Oh, it might be, you might be in for a disaster of truly epic proportions, but it need not be bad.  You see, Tia Torres has a group of ex-cons (parolees if you prefer) and a family, and together her people try to make abused, abandoned, neglected, and/or unloved pit bulls feel better about themselves.  That's right, not only are they rehabbing themselves, they're rehabbing the animals too.  It can't be easy, but these guys (and gals) make it work.  Tune in tonight to see just how they do what they do.


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