Must Watch


<p><span>Anisha Nagarajan, Rizwan Manji, Rebecca  Hazelwood, Parvesh Cheena, Sacha Dhawan, and Ben  Rappaport on 'Outsourced.'<br />

We honestly believe that you should check out this show and hope our bosses do as well.  How great would it be if we became the manager at an office in India?  We don't imagine our expertise are really called for there, but it would still be pretty excellent -- dosa is so incredibly inexpensive there and we love our dosa.  Have you ever had a dosa?  It's this flat, thin bread and is often filled with truly excellent potatoes and then topped with chutney and a spicy sambar.  It's probably not terribly healthy for you, but it is so incredibly delicious and worth the trip to India all by itself.


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