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On Freddie Roach

<p>Freddie Roach is the subject of 'On Freddie Roach.'</p>

On Freddie Roach

Feb 24, 2012 09:30 PM

TV Network - HBO

Freddie Roach is, as we told you when this series premiered, kind of a world-famous boxing trainer.  He has been doing his thing for years (which is how he became famous) and he continues to do so now.  We don't want you to believe that just because the season is ending tonight it means that Freddie is done doing his thing.  No, if we know Freddie (and to be clear, we don't... not at all... not in any way, shape, manner, or form), he has plans for the future, he has more people he'd like to groom, more individuals he thinks he can teach to inflict a great deal of hurt on others.  Perhaps tonight will end with Roach writing up a treatise on his future ambitions (in our mind it's the sort of thing that might happen).