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<p>Charlie Rowe in 'Neverland.'</p>

Ah, the origin story; everyone needs an origin story, and tonight we're getting just that... or, at the very least, a prequel.  This new mini-series deals with events which occur before the events of Barrie's novel.  Now, what we really wonder is this -- how does Bob Hoskins go about playing Smee here when he also played Smee in "Hook," which took place after the events of the novel.  Are they throwing him in tons of makeup?  Are they doing a an "X-Men:  The Last Stand" sort of thing?  Are they just pretending that the Spielberg film never existed (many folks do)?  Rhys Ifans stars here as Hook, with Charlie Rowe as Pan, and Keira Knightley voicing Tink.


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