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Necessary Roughness

<p>Callie Thorne, Mehcad Brooks, Marc Blucas, and Scott Cohen star in 'Necessary Roughness.'</p>

In something of a classically styled start to a television series, this show begins when the woman with the perfect life has it all come crashing down around her.  After her husband is found cheating, Dr. Dani Santino takes a job with New York's local football franchise, the Hawks, as their team therapist.  Quite naturally, and as we're sure you're already aware, hilarity ensues.  Hilarity always ensues.  And, as this is on USA, you can fully expect a modicum of drama to ensue as well.  USA likes to say 'characters welcome,' but what they really mean is 'hilarity and drama ensue.'


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  • Callie-thorne-and-marc-blucas-on-necessary-roughness_article_story_main
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