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My Strange Addiction

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My Strange Addiction

Mar 20, 2013 10:00 PM

TV Network - TLC

Tonight's season finale of "My Strange Addiction" features an episode entitled 'Blood Drinker.'  Now, we don't know that the blood in question is human, but we don't particularly care, we're intrigued anyway.  You know that you want to know if the blood in question is human.  You know you want to know how they drink it (does it go in a mug?  is it heated?  is it chilled?  do they throw in some Tabasco and worcestershire? straight up, you know, like from the victim?).  Actually, the picture clues you in to how they drink it and what it's from.  You know you need to watch.

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    My Strange Addiction

    Aug 07, 2011

    TV Network - My Strange Addiction

    "My Strange Addiction" is a series all about, as the title may have suggested to you, people's strange addictions.  And, when we say 'strange,' we do mean some truly strange addictions.  Yes, the shows explores them all, from eating dryer sheets to mothering teddy bears to (and this is one of our personal favorites) raising a rat army.  We don't know as of this writing what addiction the season finale will bring us, but we do fully expect it to be huge, interesting, and moderately disturbing (because, let's face it, so many of the addictions the show depicts are disturbing).