Must Watch

My Generation

<p>Keir O'Donnell, Michael Stahl David, Sebastian Sozzi, Anne Son, Kelli Garner, Jamie King, Daniela Alonso, Julian Morris, and Mehcad Brooks of 'My Generation.'</p>
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It's 2000!  It's 2010!  2000!  2010!  It's both!!!  That's right, a documentary crew follows around some high school seniors in 2000 and then comes back in 2010 to see just how they've lived the last 10 years of their life.  Juxtaposition, people, it's all about juxtaposition.  That and fake documentaries, it's about fake documentaries too.  Oh, and growing up... it's about growing up too.  Definitely about growing up.  We fully believe that Michael Apted would approve of the idea, even if he'd like to see it be a 2003 high school class instead of one from 2000.


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