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My Cat from Hell

Jackson Galaxy of 'My cat from Hell'

My cat from Hell

Apr 26, 2014 08:00 PM

TV Network - Animal Planet

Cats are not people too.  They may be living creatures, but cats aren't human and if a cat is ruining your life, you aren't necessarily wrong in finding it a new, more appropriate, environment.  Or, are you?  Are you required to keep even the worst of cats, the most disastrous of felines, the cats from hell.  This Animal Planet series focuses on those awful cats, the worst of the worst, the ones who are able to convince one and all that dogs are truly the best pets around. 

Jackson Galaxy hosts.

Past Events

  • A-feline-on-my-cat-from-hell_event_main

    My cat from Hell

    Dec 23, 2013

    TV Network - Animal Planet

    There is a classic Mickey Mouse cartoon, where Mickey chops down a Christmas tree inhabited by Chip and Dale (Mickey doesn't know they live there) and then Pluto gets into a fight with the chipmunks destroying the tree.  We like to imagine that tonight's holiday special of "My cat from Hell" is, exactly, that -- the tale of animals (in that case a dog and in this one a cat) destroying the holidays for their owners.  Maybe one will take out a tree, maybe another will knock over a Hanukiah, spilling oil everywhere and ensuring that the owners don't have enough to last for eight nights.  We aren't sure what is going to take place on the special, but it ought to be good.

  • A-feline-from-my-cat-from-hell_event_main

    My cat from Hell

    Jul 20, 2013

    TV Network - Animal Planet

    No joke, people, we are getting not one but two episodes of "My cat from Hell" tonight.  The good news doesn't end there, however.  You see, the second episode tonight is a 'Where are they Meow?' special.  If watching horror movies has taught us anything--and clearly it's taught the producers here the same thing--it's that evil never dies, it just waits to be reborn.  This special will tell us exactly how the evil clawed ones are faring following their short-lived televisual fame.  Have they calmed down or are they still possessed?

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