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Mrs. Eastwood and Company

Dina Eastwood and company of 'Mrs. Eastwood and Comapny'

This series has followed the wife and daughters of the one and only Clint Eastwood as well as the all-male singing group from South Africa that Dina (Mrs. Eastwood, if your nasty) manages.  What can we expect from tonight's finale then?  Well, let me suggest that she's going to break out a .44 Magnum and right all the wrongs that need righting, asking punks if they feel lucky and that sort of thing.  As for Francesca and Morgan (the little Eastwoods), maybe they'll fight for their independence and find themselves turning every which way but loose.  Yeah, none of that will happen, but does it matter?  We promise you that the finale will attempt to go bigger and better than every prior episode.


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