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Mockingbird Lane

Jerry O'Connell, Portia de Rossi, and Mason Cook on 'Mockingbird Lane'

A while back, NBC ordered a pilot from Bryan Singer and Bryan Fuller for a revamped "Munsters."  That pilot, "Mockingbird Lane," didn't get ordered as a new NBC series.  However, in an unusual move, NBC will be airing that failed pilot tonight.  Now, there is an outside chance that if you, your friends, their friends, their friends, their friends, etc., etc., etc., watch and the pilot does blazingly well NBC could, hypothetically, still order it as a series.  Are the odds against it?  Of course they are, but, let's face it, the odds of a vampire grandfather getting along with a Frankenstein son-in-law and a wolfman grandson aren't particularly good either.


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