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Melrose Place

<p>Ashlee Simpson-Wentz of 'Melrose Place'</p>

Once upon a time, there was a popular teen-driven soap on FOX called "Beverly Hills, 90210" and The CW decided to remake it in the 21st Century and the ratings were decent. So The CW also decided to remake a spinoff of the original "Beverly Hills, 90210," a little series called "Melrose Place" and it turned out that the fans of the second show were possibly even more passionate than the original "90210" fans. 

Would those fans be disappointed to see what The CW did to their show? We'll find out on Tuesday, Sept. 8 when The CW moves back to Melrose Place.

Once again, we find a group of attractive twentysomethings -- including Katie Cassidy, Jessica Lucas, Michael Rady, Colin Egglesfield, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Stephanie Jacobsen and Colin Egglesfield -- doing the romancing, the back-stabbing and all of the "Melrose Place" dirty work.

Returning from the original cast, at least occasionally, are Laura Leighton and Thomas Calabro.


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