Must Watch

Matchmaker Santa

Donovan Scott, Florence Henderson, Lin Shaye, John Ratzenberger, Lacey Chabert and Adam Mayfield star in 'Matchmaker Santa'

Lacey Chabert stars in this movie about a woman who has a boyfriend, just maybe not the right boyfriend, on the holidays.  Apparently though her plans get ruined by a mall Santa and she gets stuck with her boyfriend's assistant and a bunch of weirdos played by folks like Florence Henderson and John Ratzenberger.  We actually have a Christmas wish too, and it totally involves John Ratzenberger.  It also involves George Wendt and Kirstie Alley and Sam Malone (yes, we know).  But, nevermind, the truth is that you mention Hallmark Channel holiday original and a tale of new love and local weirdos and we just love it (a "Cheers" reunion would be great too, though).


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