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Marc Maron of 'Maron'

Marc Maron is going to step outside his comfort zone and play Marc Maron in this new sitcom about Marc Maron.  Maron, a podcaster and comedian in real life, is going to be playing Maron as a podcaster and comedian here.  While that may all seem very true to life, Judd Hirsch will be playing his father in the sitcom and, as far as we are able to determine, Hirsch is not actually Maron's father in the real world.  Also joining the cast are Nora Zehetner, Andy Kindler, and Josh Brener.  Whether they're from Maron's real life or solely a part of Maron's scripted one is also something we can't determine.  Although, Zehetner plays his girlfriend which, if true in the real world, destroys all our understandings of podcasting.


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