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Aug 31, 2014 10:00 PM

TV Network - WGN America

Here we are, the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, and WGN is giving us a brand new episode of "Manhattan" tonight.  The story is all about those men who made the atomic bomb, and depending on how you see the world, there might be no Labor Day this year if the men depicted on this show didn't do what they did.  It is not our place to enter that political fray here, merely to point out the existence of that point of view.  Watch andsee what conclusions you draw yourself.

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    Oct 19, 2014

    TV Network - WGN

    As you are aware (because we've told you about it before), this is WGN's second original scripted television series and it focuses on the people who helped create the world's first atomic bomb.  We don't know where they're going to end the season--building the bomb might mean a lack of a second season (if there is to be a second season)--but we're going to get answers tonight.  This is the season finale and answers will be forthcoming.