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Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story

<p>Poppy Montgomery in 'Magic Beyond Words:&nbsp; The J.K. Rowling Story.'</p>

We all know J.K. Rowling.  No, really, we kind of think that the entire planet knows who J.K. Rowling is.  But, even if you know who she is, do you actually know who she is?  Okay, that probably could have been more clear, but we think you get the point - the question is not do you know that Rowling created Harry Potter, but do you know the story behind how she did that and who she was before?  That is what we think folks can learn from tonight's movie, even if it is in a semi-fictionalized format.  Whatever else may have been altered, you can expect at least J.K.'s name to be right and a smattering of facts to be included.


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