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John Sandford's Certain Prey

<p>Mark Harmon and Lola Glaudini in 'John&nbsp;Sandford's Certain Prey.'</p>

Mark Harmon, star of "Summer School" and "NCIS," takes on the lead role of Minneapolis Deputy Police Chief Lucas Davenport in this made-for.  Sandford has written a large number of "Prey" novels, so it's just possible that Harmon can find a second long term job making these films alongside his "NCIS" duties (or third if you consider the fact that he's an EP on this... four if you add in his being an EP on "NCIS).  Yes, Harmon may be a far cry from the guy who starred opposite Kirstie Alley all those years ago, but that doesn't make him any less enjoyable to watch. 


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