Must Watch


<p>Gayle Giacomo, Christy Pereira, Olivia Sharpe, Tracy Dimarco, Alexa Prisco, Anthony Lombardi, and Gianelle Liscio of 'Jerseylicious.'</p>

There are certain things which we all have trouble admitting, certain truths that we'd rather not let see the light of day.  One of yours is that you're actually going to sit down and watch this season premiere. What we're curious about is why you'd rather keep that hidden.  It's okay to like New Jersey, the perpetual 1980s feel of it, and all that ridiculous hair.  It's retro, it's kitsch, it's just plain fun.  We don't particularly think of it as a delicious place, but that doesn't mean that there aren't some pretty tasty things going on in the Garden State (Zach Braff taught us that).


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