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James May's Man Lab

James May of 'James May's Man Lab'

James May's Man Lab

Dec 30, 2013 10:00 PM

TV Network - BBC America

We appreciate the notion that the season of "Man Lab" ends with the end of the year.  There is something right about that.  We don't know what sort of foolishness May and company will engage in tonight, but we encourage you to watch.  You see, even if some of what they do is utterly ridiculous, there is also, regularly, something actually intelligent to be gleaned from the proceedings.  We assume that's on purpose, but maybe not.

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    James May's Man Lab

    Jun 08, 2013

    Host James May re-teaches man some of the most fundamental skills that are in danger of being lost in the modern world, such as how to make an old movie and how to construct a cinema, how to duel with sabres and how to act on a first date.