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James Bond Marathon

<p>The 25 Days of Bond end today with a 24 hour marathon.</p>

Okay, people, hands up in gun fashion (you know what we're talking about), do your little dee-nee-dee-nee thing (you still know what we're talking about).  James Bond is back on the big screen next year in "Skyfall," and today we're getting the end of EPIX's 25 Days of Bond, and they're going out with a bang.  That's right, EPIX is doing a 24 hour marathon to end the 25 Days of Bond.  Frankly, if it were up to us we'd end with a 25 hour marathon (25 hours and 25 days sounding better in our mind), but the truth is we care less about the exact number of hours than about being able to ignore our family for the whole of Christmas to watch our hero.  And, never forget, James Bond is our hero.


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