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In the Flesh

Luke Newberry of 'In the Flesh'

No one is immune from the zombie apocalypse.  It exists everywhere you turn.  It is on the big screen with "World War Z."  It is on AMC with "The Walking Dead."  It is in comics (like "The Walking Dead").  It is in books (like "World War Z").  We are pretty convinced it's even on the radio.  Tonight, BBC America gets into the act with the first part of this three part zombie story (one part will air each night for the next three nights).  The story finds a zombie teenager who committed suicide in life forced to go back and live with his family and reenter his community and all the problems that caused him to try to end things.  He is a zombie who would rather just be dead.


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  • Luke-newberry-of-in-the-flesh_article_story_main
  • Luke-newberry-of-in-the-flesh_article_story_main
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