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I'd do Anything

<p>Cameron Mackintosh, Denise Van Outen, Graham Norton, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Barry Humphries, and John Barrowman of 'I'd do Anything.'</p>
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As you very well may be aware, Graham Norton and Andrew Lloyd Webber have started doing this thing where they pick a musical they want to bring back to the stage and then go out and do a TV show that focuses on casting the lead role with an unknown.  Fine, you're probably not aware of it, but it is the case and it's happening again, this time with "Oliver!" where they'll be looking for both an Oliver (three actually) and a Nancy.  Expect fun, expect laughs, and expect folks like John Barrowman, Denise Van Outen, Cameron Mackintosh, and Barry Humphries to help Norton and Webber.


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