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<p>Augustine's house in 'Hoarders.'</p>

"Hoarders," the show which takes the viewer inside the lives - and homes - of people who obsessively hoard just about everything premieres its second season tonight.  The episode will introduce us to Augustine and Jason, her son.  Jason was removed from Augustine's home by CPS 14 years ago due to the unsafe conditions caused by her hoarding.  Now an adult, Jason is heading back home to try and help his mom clean out the house once and for all. 

Not for the faint of heart, "Hoarders" really does give the audience a look at some of the most overcrowded and unsanitary homes one can imagine.  In this case, the city is actually threatening to condemn Augustine's abode.  The stories on the show can be gut-wrenching, but "Hoarders" does tackle the issues in a serious manner.


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