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Hawaii Five-0

<p>Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim, Alex O'Loughlin, and Grace Park star in 'Hawaii Five-0.'</p>

It has become an annual Fall event - Alex O'Loughlin's new television series.  First there was "Moonlight," next there was "Three Rivers," and now there's "Hawaii Five-0."  Ignoring whether or not the series is good (check out the review for that), we highly recommend you watch the show because O'Loughlin may wind up in a reboot of "The Munsters" next Fall if this doesn't work out and no one wants to see him star as Lily, no one.  Plus, this has Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim and if O'Loughlin gets to play Lily we don't quite see roles for the other two on "The Munsters," although Kim may be able to do Grandpa.


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