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Glory Daze

<p><span class="abstracts">Hartley Sawyer and Kelly Blatz in 'Glory Daze.'<br />

Glory Daze

Jan 18, 2011 10:00 PM

TV Network - TBS

Ah college, as wonderful as it may be (and honestly we don't really think that it was), eventually it must come to an end.  We're not suggesting that college will end for the kids tonight on "Glory Daze," but this will be our last visit to them at college for a while (it being the season finale and all), so it's kind of like the end for us, even if said ending is only temporary.  And, not to get too philosophical or anything, but aren't most endings really only temporary?  Don't they lead to new beginnings, fresh starts, reconceptualizations, and beyond that, don't we all live in the past, present, and future so an ending isn't really an ending at all, is it, it's more of a season finale (and that, dear friends, is why we didn't do well, and consequently didn't enjoy, college).