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Glory Daze

<p><span class="abstracts">Drew Seeley, Matt Bush, Hartley Sawyer, and Kelly Blatz on 'Glory Daze.'<br />

Welcome to the first night of TBS' new comedy series "Glory Daze" which is actually set in the 1980s on a college campus.  Now, while setting a television show in the past has been done before and setting a show on a college campus has been done before, we can't instantly think of any series that was set in the past on a college campus ("Freaks and Geeks" having been at a high school and "Undeclared" being in the present).  We aren't saying that it hasn't been done, we aren't even saying that the jokes will be new, all we're saying is that TBS' new comedy is set in the semi-recent past on a college campus.


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