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Gator Boys

A 'don't try this at home' moment on 'Gator Boys'

Alligators, if you've ever been to a zoo, are incredibly fun to look at.  They are these massive creatures with terrifying jaws, and they move faster than you might think.  Now, that's in a zoo.  Outside a zoo, they are still massive creatures with terrifying jaws who move faster than you might think, but they can get you.  There is a safety factor that is missing outside the zoo.  See one in your backyard and you have to do something about it... preferably from a safe distance.  That is where the "Gator Boys" come in -- you can call them up and have them remove the alligator from your property.  Their goal is to not only save you, but to save the gator too, and what could be better than that.


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  • A-dont-try-this-at-home-moment-on-gator-boys_article_story_main

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