Must Watch

Friends with Benefits

<p>Ryan Hansen, Zach Gregger, Danneel Ackles, Jessica Lucas, and Andre Holland of 'Friends with Benefits.'</p>

The network that brought us "Friends" and one of the producers of "Arrested Development" now bring us the all new "Friends with Benefits," which, obviously, is going to be a whole lot like "Friends" but with some benefits.  For instance, there's benefit number one:  Ryan Hansen is on this series and he wasn't on "Friends."  Then there is benefit number two:  there are episodes we've not yet seen of "Friends with Benefits" whereas we know all 236 episodes of "Friends" quite intimately, quite... intimately.  We can't promise you this series will share the same success as that one, but we can promise that it is currently airing first run episodes and that one isn't.


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