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FOX's 25th Anniversary Special

FOX celebrates 25 years tonight

There are, quite regularly these days, moments which make us feel very, very old.  It's a little weird for this to be the case because we're not old, we're not even a little bit old... really we're not.  Anyway, one such moment is going to happen tonight as FOX celebrates its 25th birthday.  We distinctly remember hearing about the new network before it began.  We remember watching promos for it.  We remember tuning in to their first night of programming.  You can bet that we're going to help them celebrate tonight and, unfortunately, we're probably also going to stand in front of the mirror and count our gray hairs after it's all done.

Expect to see reunions of the casts of "The X-Files" and "Married with Children" along with some of the original "Beverly HIlls, 90210" cast and oh so many more.