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New Year's Eve Live

Artwork for FOX's new year's eve event

After watching FOX on election night, we can't wait to see what they have in store for us today.  Seriously, with Karl Rove, FOX had fireworks on election night, and that pretty much is pulling out all the stops for an election.  They're going to have to go bigger here and we're just not sure that the lowering of a ball in Times Square and some pre-taped music is enough.  We have been sitting here spitballing ideas for the last 30 minutes and we're pretty convinced that they're going to have to have George W. Bush and Bill Clinton on, explaining how the government is secretly run by the freemasons from a disused warehouse in Sarasota.  Talk about a midnight hour revelation. 

Obviously, that will not happen.  FOX is going to be celebrating the New Year in traditional style tonight, with festivities beginning at 11pm and taking place in New York and Vegas.


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